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Affordable Plumbing Service & Discounts on Plumbing Projects!

175 drain cleaning and video inspection

$175 Drain Cleaning & Video Inspection

99 drain cleaining up to 100 feet

$99 Drain Cleaning
(up to 100 feet)

99 video inspection up to 100 feet

$99 Video Inspection
(up to 100 feet)

500 discount on new sewer line replacement

$500 Discount on New Sewer Line Replacement

100 off water heater with expansion tank - affordable plumbing and sewer

$100 Off  Water Heater w/ Thermal Tank

All Coupons Must be Presented Prior to Service. All Coupon Prices are FINAL & WILL NOT be Included in any other discounts or pricing adjustments.

Expert Drain Cleaning Services for Kansas City



Call: 913-742-9977

Specializing in Trench-less Sewer Line Replacement


Offering cost efficient methods to inspect, clean, repair or replace clogged drain lines.
Call: 913-742-9977

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Video Sewer Line Inspections
Line Cleaning
Line Repair
Line Replacement

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Pipe-Bursting Repair


Trench-less Excavation
Pipe Bursting Repair
Sewer Line Replacement
Sewer Line Repair

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Trenchless Pipe Lining

trenchless pipe lining in kansas city

Trench-less Excavation
Pipe Lining Repair
No Destruction
Save Money

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